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Calm the Chaos in Your Business with Personalized Business Strategy Sessions
with Katy Annulli

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a note from Katy

As an entrepreneur, it is hard to make time for the operations side of your business. But it is essential! When I started my business, I was hustling, doing odd jobs to supplement my income while I was building connections and my business. I was focused on surviving. 

What I have learned over the past 4 years is that if you put systems into place, automate what you can, and delegate, your business, and your sanity will thank you. 

I created this offer because I have witnessed so many beautiful entrepreneurs, highly talented humans who are amazing that their craft but struggle with the "business" side of their business. I want to help you! It does not have to be as complicated as you think. 

Let's get your business organized, streamlined, and working for you. 

I am excited to help your business thrive!

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Things I would love to chat about...

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"Katy’s methods have brought ease to my business in a way I had never thought possible. Her strategies have transformed how I work and I now find joy in the systems, which is saying A LOT."
- Krista Ripma, Marketing Strategist
+ Founder of Authentic Audience
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KMA Signature Package:

Pre Call Research

You will send me any information that would be helpful for me to know before our call. 

I will look at your website + socials. Go on your customer journey and come to our call prepped with feedback.

Call No. 1

Review + document your customer journies in detail. ​

Evaluate + determine how you can improve your internal work flows.

Call No. 2

Review your budget + financial forecasting. 

Take a look at your bookkeeping system.

Discuss how you manage your to-do list + calendar.​

Business Strategy

After each call, I will send you a summary of our call as well as a strategy for going forward. 

You will get access to my favorite tools + resources. 

Tools + Resources You Will Receive:

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"Working with Katy was a game-changer for my business. Before working with Katy, I felt a bit overwhelmed and scattered about how to approach everything. Katy was able to listen to my vision and provide really clear action steps to make them a reality."
- Kirsten, All Star Dog Training

More About Katy

Katy is the Founder of KMA Organizing, a business offering in-person and virtual organization services. Katy works with clients to fashion ideal personal and professional spaces as well as small business systems organization. Katy works with clients to find out what drives them and how they work best to set up custom for clients to meet their needs and that they will stick to.

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