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virtual organizing

What is virtual organizing?

Virtual Organizing is the process of getting organized through remote work sessions with a Professional Organizer via video chat or phone. Katy will work with you to help accomplish your organizing projects, motivate you along the way, and achieve your goals.


Who is Virtual Organizing a good fit for?

  • A person who would like to have one on one organizing sessions with a professional organizer, but cannot have them come to your home

  • A do it yourselfer that is unsure where to start a project, is overwhelmed by how to tackle an organizing project, or needs accountability to stay on track

  • Someone who needs additional organizing support and motivation in-between in-home organizing sessions


How does Virtual Organizing Work?

During the first session, you will provide a virtual tour of the spaces you are looking to get organized. During this time, we will assess your needs and determine a plan of action. Custom solutions on how to reach your individual organizing goals will be provided. After the session, you will receive an email with a customized action plan as well as homework and next steps.


Prior to the next session, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out where you will evaluate your progress and any challenges that arose.


During the following sessions, you will show the work that you have done, discuss the progress you have made and strategize on how to overcome any challenges that came up. We will continue to work through your individual organizing action plan, set priorities to accomplish, and plan next steps.


What do I need for Virtual Organizing Sessions?

  1. A computer, tablet or smartphone.

  2. A video program such as FaceTime, Skype or Zoom.


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