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I'm Katy Annulli

I am so glad you found me! The fast paced lives we lead can make it easy for our homes and lives to become disorganized. We are constantly getting bombarded with information and told that we need more stuff.


Clearing clutter from your physical space helps you to clear your mind. With less visual distractions, you are able to focus better and be more present. 


Physical and digital clutter can be overwhelming to tackle by yourself. I am here to help! I am passionate about sharing my skills and empowering you to declutter and organize your space and live more fully.


Let's break through the barriers that keep you feeling disorganized. Together, we will implement my organizing methods to create and maintain your ideal space.

I believe that an organized space will allow you to lead a more productive and peaceful life.

Small Business Organization
Professional Organizer
Katy Annulli

Our Services


Organizing your home can be hard to tackle on your own. Let's work together to declutter, organize and put systems in place for  your attic, basement, bedrooms,
closets, family room, home office, garage, kitchen, pantry or any other

area of your home.


Moving can be extremely stressful. I can provide an extra set of hands to help you keep or purge items before packing even begins. I can help organize and pack your belongings, coordinate with the moving company, and/or unpack and organize those belongings in your new home.

Small Business

As entrepreneurs, it is often hard to make time to work on your business. I will work with you to get a better understanding on your present processes + systems, create automation, and get your business operations organized.


Why Hire A Professional Organizer?

Deal with clutter and let go of items that no longer serve you

Move past feeling overwhelmed and gain clarity

Create systems to get and stay organized


I am here to bring peace and order
to the chaotic corners of your life.



Overcoming Overwhelm Guide

This Guide Will Help You To:

  • Define your organizing goals

  • Evaluate your starting place

  • Establish healthy habits and a solid support system

  • Practice self-care and good mental hygiene




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Client Love

"I was feeling overwhelmed with the daunting task of how to utilize my new space. Katy really took the time to understand what I needed and it made all the difference. I love spending days in my craft room and I owe it all to Katy's organizing expertise!"


from Providence, RI

"Katy has helped me see my space in new ways so I can resolve some of my issues with clutter and visual disorder. She helps me think of and create easy systems that relieve anxiety and makes my household run smoothly."


from Lincoln, RI

"I've been able to organize my home in a way that feels manageable! Katy worked with me to determine my goals, set a plan, and made it fun. She was efficient and friendly. I felt comfortable with her."


from Warren, RI


Do you have a project that could use the KMA treatment?

Send us a message today!

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