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Our living space is the most important place for our well-being and peace of mind. Our homes are meant to be havens of safety and restoration, but when we allow disorganization to creep in, we invite discomfort, confusion, and chaos into our lives.

From the dustiest attic to the tiniest closet, we will help you put systems in place to declutter and organize. We can restore the calm, productive energy of your home in as little as one session.

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What does an organizing session look like?

The details of your session may vary depending on your needs.
We follow this general strategy to help you declutter and reorganize:


We start by clearing a large, flat surface like a bed, table, or floor. Then, we prepare containers for items in the following categories: toss, donate, sell, stay,

relocate and unsure.


We decide where and how to store your remaining items. Going by category, we group similar items together and plan to store them wherever you would naturally reach for them.


We begin by pulling all of the items out of a space. We focus on one section at a time, like a drawer, a shelf, etc. As we pull items out, we sort them into the containers we laid out in step one.


We find and use containers to keep small, similar or loose objects from getting lost or separated. We also label things you feel you'll need extra help finding in the future.


We work on decreasing the amount of unused and unwanted items. A few good questions to ask are, "When is the last time I used this?" and "Do I see myself reaching for this in the future?"


We put the finishing touches on your new setup. We dispose of all garbage and haul your donation boxes to local donation centers. And voilà, you've been organized!


Client Love

"Katy's professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched. She approached the project with a perfect balance of warmth and expertise, making the entire process not only productive but also enjoyable. Her organizational skills are truly remarkable – she transformed my cluttered living space into a serene, well-ordered haven."

Lisa, Bristol, RI


Do you have a project that could use the KMA treatment?

Send us a message today!

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