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The KMA Way

Years of experience and client input have culminated in what we like to call "The KMA Way".

It is a system of organization that's all about recognizing where our client is today

and how we can best address their needs tomorrow.


The first step to getting organized is to completely empty a space and sort through its contents. This involves dividing the found items into categories like "donate", "trash" and "relocate". By the end, we'll have a much better idea of what we're working with.


Next, we pare down the contents of the space. We ask ourselves questions like "How often do I use this object?" or "Do I have something similar that I like better?" We then dispose of the unwanted objects either by donating them or (responsibly) throwing them away.


Finally, we try to find the most optimal ways to store the items we have left. This is where we get to have fun with accessories like drawer dividers, jars, baskets, boxes and bins. We'll know we've done our job correctly when every item has a home. And voilà, you've been organized!


Do you have a project that could use the KMA treatment?

Send us a message today!

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