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What We Do

KMA Organizing is proud to offer a wide variety of, in-person and online, decluttering and organizing services.

Our main goal is to make your life easier. Whether you're looking to tidy up your home, move across the state or streamline your workflow, we are ready to lend a hand.

Our Services


Organizing your home can be hard to tackle on your own. Let's work together to declutter, organize and put systems in place for  your attic, basement, bedrooms,
closets, family room, home office, garage, kitchen, pantry or any other

area of your home.


Moving can be extremely stressful. I can provide an extra set of hands to help you keep or purge items before packing even begins. I can help organize and pack your belongings, coordinate with the moving company, and/or unpack and organize those belongings in your new home.

Small Business

As entrepreneurs, it is often hard to make time to work on your business. I will work with you to get a better understanding on your present processes + systems, create automation, and get your business operations organized.

"Do I need to hire
a professional organizer?"

Not everyone needs help getting organized, but many do.
Here is a brief exercise to assess if you're in need of some professional assistance:
Which of the goals listed below resonates with you the most?
How capable do you feel of accomplishing it yourself?

No judgment. Just progress.

We're not here to criticize, we're here to make a difference. 

No matter your situation, we want to help you achieve peace and productivity

through the life-changing power of organization.


Do you have a project that could use the KMA treatment?

Send us a message today!

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