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Guest Blog: Making a Stellar Home Office Out of Your Garage by Cherie Mclaughlin

Updated: May 28

As the trends of remote work continue to rise around the world, many homeowners are looking to carve out a dedicated work area. There are diverse options, depending on each home’s floor plan, square footage, and other factors. Among other places, you can convert a forgotten attic, a dusty basement, or even in the corner of a spare bedroom into a thriving office.

However, if your goal is to work in a space that’s separated from your primary living areas, converting your garage could be the best way to go. Read on for some simple tips to help you create an inspiring, productive home office in your garage.

Think about selling.  

No, no — we’re not pressuring you to put your house on the market immediately after your garage renovations. But resale value is a big deal when you’re trying to, well, sell a house. So, if you ever think you will sell in the future, considering what buyers look for is important.

As you’re planning the conversion of your garage into your office, think of upgrades that will bring a high ROI. Replacing doors and windows and painting the walls are examples of how you can attract buyers down the road. You’ll also want to reconsider any super-invasive renovations (like knocking out a wall) unless the project significantly adds appeal to the space. Be sure to keep track of the progress by retaining receipts and taking before-and-after photos.

Get rid of everything.

If you’re like most homeowners, your garage is full of stuff. It could be boxes of seasonal clothing, bicycles, lawn equipment, tools, or anything else. Remove every single thing to create a blank canvas for your home office. Professionals like KMA Organizing can help you determine the best storage solutions for the items taken out of your garage, even if it means finding an attractive space for them in the garage once your office is complete.

Imagine your office.  

As you’re looking at your empty garage, let your imagination run wild. This is when you will start designing your dream office. Think through the floor plan, paint colors, decor, and any other relevant factors. Then, sketch it out on paper or via an online template.

Get to painting.

One of the easiest DIY home improvement projects is to paint your walls. If your garage walls need a fresh coat, make that the first thing you do. Stick to a lighter color (e.g., white, off-white, light gray, etc.), as it will make the space look bigger, allow for bolder decor, and serve as a great background for virtual meetings.

Invest in lighting.

Natural light is ideal for a home office. If your garage has a window, be sure to position your desk near it. If there is no window, consider having one installed, especially if you plan for this to be your office for the long haul. Desk lamps and hanging lamps are also excellent lighting options. However, keep in mind that white light can make the room appear more expansive, while yellow light can help create a cozy atmosphere.

Make it personal.

Furnishing and decorating your home office may be the most enjoyable part. Have fun with it. Look for second-hand furniture that reflects your personality — whether that means contemporary, mid-century modern, colonial, or any other style. Add expressive decor like artwork, colorful throw pillows, and rugs with intricate patterns. And of course, outfit your office with the equipment necessary to fulfill your daily tasks (e.g., ergonomic chair, computer, etc.).

The garage can serve as the perfect location for a home office. Remember to keep the tips above in mind as you plan and execute your garage conversion, and you’ll be well on your way to creating the office of your dreams. And keep thinking of other ways that you can design your office to provide everything you need.


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