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Shifting our mindset to fall

Updated: May 28

There seem to be two types of people right now. Those that are soaking up these last warm days and those that cannot wait for the crisp Fall air. It happens every year. October rolls around and us summer-loving folks beg for it to stay even though we know we can’t stop it.We need to do a major mindset shift to welcome Fall into our lives.

And truth be told, shifting your mindset is not always easy. Especially when you fight it. Unfortunately, we can’t slow the changing of the seasons. It’s out of our control. But we can control our mindset.

5 strategies to help your mindset shift from summer to fall

Don’t overthink the change

When summer comes to an end we tend to get this mentality of losing freedom. I get it. There’s a certain freedom in summer, but just because it’s ending doesn’t mean all freedom is lost. By all means, mourn the loss of a season you love. It’s always sad to see summer end. But don’t go so extreme that you fail to appreciate what fall brings.

I believe this fear also stems from the inevitable coming of daylight savings time. We all know that once daylight savings time happens, we lose daylight a lot faster.

One thing you can do to help yourself is to not overthink things. Many people freak out when daylight savings time comes closer. But if you plan ahead and accept it rather than fight against it you’re going to be in a much better place when it does happen. And you’ll realize that you haven’t lost freedom. You’re only losing daylight.

Create new goals

Summer is a time people may run at a slower pace. We focus more on relaxing and enjoying the season rather than working on projects or goals. There’s nothing wrong with that. A break is always needed. But when the fall comes around, it’s like a reality check and people remember all the things they want to accomplish.

Here’s a quick mindset shift tip: don’t look back on past goals. Create new ones. Fall is a great time to set new goals. Why? Because it’s such a transitional season. If you have goals you didn’t finish in the spring, feel free to pick them up again. See if you can adjust them a little. Your feelings about them might have changed since then. The first thing to consider is if this is something you still want to do?

Creating new goals will motivate you to enter the fall season with renewed purpose. You have a plan of attack and you’re eager to start. When you give yourself a purpose, you’re shifting your mindset into a positive state.

Re-evaluate summer habits

One of my favorite things to do as we near the beginning of fall is to re-evaluate my summer habits. Did you fall behind on your workout routine? Did you indulge in more ice cream than usual? Did you push certain tasks like cleaning off to the side?

You’re not alone. Summer is a time when people loosen the reins a little bit. That’s okay! But if you started a habit you’re not proud of during summer, then fall is the perfect time to fix that. And a little mindset shift is all you need to get there. As part of your new goals list, create new habits you want to do.

Do a calendar audit

With fall comes the inevitable holiday season. That in and of itself causes stress for some people. You think you have all the time in the world to prepare but then you blink and the holidays are here. Before you start pulling your hair out, let’s do a calendar audit.

You should get into the habit of doing a calendar audit every quarter. What do you do during a calendar audit? You’re simply looking through the next few months, filling in important dates, and figuring out if you need to do everything you have listed.

A full calendar can quickly overwhelm us so it’s vital to move anything that isn’t time-sensitive or important out of the way. By doing a calendar audit, your mindset will shift naturally. It’ll accept that you’re only human and you can’t possibly do everything at once. Three months feels like a long time. But if we don’t give ourselves some wiggle room those 90 days will mean stress and anxiety.

So take a look at your next three months and ask yourself, are there certain tasks I can move? Add it to next quarter's goal list or set it aside. One thing you should do with goals is to always re-evaluate whether you want to work on them.

Embrace the new season

One of the last things you can do to help your mindset shift from summer to fall is to simply embrace the new season. There is nothing more you can do. Summer is leaving. Fall is here. By accepting this and embracing fall with open arms, you’re going to adjust so much faster.

While summer has a lot to look forward to, so does fall. Sure, the holiday season might get crazy, but it also means seeing friends and family you might not otherwise see. And you don’t need me to remind you that with the pandemic still going on, being present with loved ones is more important than ever.

So rather than cling onto summer until the last thread unspools, turn and embrace fall. Look at all the amazing things we get with it:

  • Pumpkin everything

  • Warm apple cider

  • Colorful leaves

  • Sweater weather

  • Hayrides

  • And more

I’m sure you love one or more of those above-mentioned perks. You can always share in the comments below what you love most about fall.

There are many benefits you can reap when you perform a mindset shift. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. For example, shifting your mindset can help you let go of unwanted attachments. You can read more about that on my blog post here. A mindset shift can also help you defeat overwhelming thoughts, which I talk about here.

And, of course, you can always contact me to learn more. Living an organized life requires us to adjust our mindset. There’s nothing I love more than helping my clients reach their full potential. So book your complimentary call today. I can’t wait to hear from you.


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