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Spring Clean Your Way To a Rejuvenated Home With These Seasonal Tips

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “spring cleaning” plenty of times by now. It's all anyone is talking about on the news, radio, and social media. You know friends and family who are gearing up to tackle the seasonal cleaning marathon.

But in a recent study from Business Wire, only 69% of Americans say they’re going to spring clean this year. Last year that number was 78%. Why the drop?

Because many of us have been working from home for over a year now. That meant ample time to clean and keep the house in order. In fact, 55% of people from that same Business Wire study said they’ve been cleaning more due to the pandemic.

What about you? Are you going to spring clean your home this year? Are you going to skip it because you’ve cleaned your home enough times these past twelve months? What if I told you that spring cleaning is a vital step in bringing us from one season to the next? Would you reconsider?

Clearing winter energy

When the time comes for spring cleaning, I tend to replace the word “clean” with “clear.” Why? Because changing your mindset can give something a whole new meaning. I'm not cleaning my home, I’m clearing it. Resetting it for the new season. Reset is a nicer word than chore.

There are three key things you should focus on when spring cleaning. Each step will clear away the heavy winter energy that's taken root in your home. It'll make space for the warmer, spring energy to enter.


It’s common practice to declutter your home before you clean it. More than likely, you’ll find items you no longer want or need. By decluttering your home, you’re clearing your space of toxic energy. It seems harsh, but it’s the truth.

If an item no longer serves your needs, don’t let it sit in your home, sucking the energy out of you every time you look at it. Donate them. Chances are someone needs that item more than you. I talk a little more in-depth about how a clean space equals a clean mind in this blog post.

Add plants

You know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” You know spring is the time of color. Trees become green again. Flowers bloom. Butterflies come and go. Spring is associated with the color green. So why not bring some of that into your home?

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t do well with live plants, buy some fake ones. Believe me, even a little fake plant can do wonders for the soul. Add as many plants as you want or keep it minimal. Either way, bringing in some greenery for the season will give your home a boost of spring energy.

Focus on the Entranceways

It’s amazing how many people skip this central area when cleaning. Your entryways — front door, side door, back door, etc — are the most trafficked area of your home. Not to mention the area where good or bad energy enters or leaves.

When spring cleaning, be sure to sweep your steps, shake out any rugs or welcome mats you have. Replace worn and tattered ones. Hang fresh flowers, a horseshoe, or wind chimes from your door. Add a few real or fake plants to the stoop. Create an entranceway that encourages positive energy.

Don’t forget to clean these!

You dust, you sweep, you vacuum, you mop. These are the most common ways to spring clean. If you're using this year as a way to expel negative energy, these areas should not be missed. They should be your highest priority. They're good to clean on a regular basis to remove any unwanted germs and bacteria. In the age of COVID, that's a bonus.

  • Remotes, computers, and other electronics. Often touched electronics should be disinfected at least once a week. Even if you’re the only person who handles them. Taking a wipe to them will remove any bacteria that has built up over time.

  • Doorknobs and handles. Another often looked over area are doorknobs. Like remotes and electronics, these are the most touched surfaces of a home. A single wipe is all you need to cover at least three to four handles.

  • Light switches and lamp strings. How many times do you turn your bedroom light on and off throughout the day? More than you think. Even if you’re the only one touching these surfaces, they should be disinfected regularly. And don’t forget the ceiling fan and lamp strings.

  • Countertops and appliances. Sure, you wipe down your countertops after prepping meals on them, but how often do you deep clean them? Use this time to give your countertops a good spray down. Try and do this earlier in the day so when you cook later, any residue is gone. And don’t forget to wipe down those often-used appliances.

  • Toys. The hassle of cleaning toys is what drives most people away from doing it. Rather than clean one at a time, fill your tub with a non-toxic cleaner and dump a bunch of toys in at once. Or fill up a kiddie pool outside and let them soak under the sun. Run a load of stuffed animals and blankets in the washer.

  • Pets bedding, toys, and bowls. Don’t forget your pets! When was the last time you cleaned their toys or gave their bedding a good clean? Wash pet toys the same way as you do your kid’s stuff, just keep them separate. Give their food and water bowl a good soaking.

  • Trash cans. Have you ever brought your garbage out only to still smell it on the can? It’s gross. Give all your trash cans a power wash outside. Spray them with some disinfectant and point your hose at them. Do this at least twice a year. Once when the weather gets warm and again before the weather gets too cold.

  • Ventilate. When spring cleaning, open those windows. This will keep the dust from recollecting indoors. Keep the windows open as long as possible. Start the day by opening them and close them before going to bed. Let the cool breeze coming in remind you why spring is such an amazing season.

What does spring weather mean?

Spring means warm weather. It means being outside more. People tend to gardens. They go to sporting events. Spring is a time you replenish your own energy with fresh air. If you do this for yourself, it’s only fair to do the same for your home. It’s the place you spend the majority of your time. Why wouldn’t you want it to feel energized?

I mentioned earlier to change your mindset when it comes to spring cleaning. Don’t think of it as cleaning, but as a clearing. There’s no greater feeling in the world than dispelling toxic, negative energy from your life. It means more room for the good and the positive. And what is spring if not a rebirth of the world?

Don’t look at spring cleaning as this massive chore you have to get done because everyone else is doing it. Think of spring cleaning as a — pun intended — clean slate.

Want more tips? Interested in a virtual organizing session? Let me help you spring clean your way into the season. Contact me today or schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation call.



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