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The Psychological Benefits of Getting Organized

Meet Karen the Craftswoman

Organizing is a powerful yet underrated tool for improving our mental health, especially as we encounter periods of hardship. So if you need a mental or emotional pick-me-up, we wanted to share some reasons why it might be a good idea to start getting organized. (And don’t just take it from us— take it from 7 of our happy customers and team members who have found peace and confidence in the organizing process!)

  • It encourages you to revisit your priorities. Clutter isn’t just an eye sore— it’s a distraction from how you truly want to spend your time, energy, and space. Our client Jamie communicated this sentiment perfectly in a heart-warming review of our services: ”I can breathe in my new house and actually ENJOY it instead of looking around daunted by the amount of work I had to do. Not to mention I got to spend those hours doing other things, like snuggling my new baby and actually getting work done in my new office!”

  • It makes it easier to find important items. As a former client once pointed out, the “visual disorder” that clutter creates makes it very difficult to find what you need when you need it. (Shout-out to Drew!!) The resulting anxiety can really mess with your head, especially if what you’re looking for is irreplaceable. Finding spots to store important items like keys, tax papers, and sentimental momentos gives you one less thing to worry about in the future.

  • It keeps your hands (and mind) busy. When you’re going through something unpleasant, it can be helpful to have a mindless yet active activity that keeps you occupied. One of our team members, Libby, has shared how therapeutic it felt to declutter her room as she processed the death of her father: “When your life feels out of control, clearing your desk or making your bed feels like a very meaningful achievement. So I started by organizing my drawers, then just kept going from there. It was nice to have something mildly productive yet unchallenging to give my brain and heart a break during a really difficult time. ”

  • It gives your space a chance to shine. Keeping your home organized is a more accessible (and less expensive) method of capitalizing on your home’s best qualities, without the hassle of a hefty renovation. As a satisfied client once opined, a “peaceful, organized, thoughtful dwelling… [is] invaluable!” Thank you, Ellen, for your insight as well as your very kind feedback: “You are one of the best things that’s happened to me and my mental health!”

  • It brings a sense of satisfaction and productivity. I think we’d all be slightly more proactive if we remembered how great it feels to finally complete tasks we repeatedly put off. One of our clients checked in with us after a day of organizing bliss, saying “I feel so much better, lighter, and more confident and free since finishing this project.” So Kristen, this one’s for you! Thank you so much for sharing your enthusiasm with us— we love seeing you spread the happy-home vibes!

  • It conjures up old memories. Even if the memories your old catcher’s mitt or sorority t-shirt bring back are unpleasant, organizing them provides you with an opportunity to confront those emotions rather than shoving them down. One client, Maggie, remarked on her experience going through the wardrobe she had accumulated after years of being a fashionista: “No one ever thought anyone could get me to give away the amount of clothing that I have given away so far!” Don’t worry, though— we kept the best of her memories safe and sound!

  • It’s preeeeeetty! Seriously, though— there’s much to be said about the enjoyment we get from living in an aesthetically-pleasing environment. One of our clients, Kim, worded it perfectly: “Having a cluttered house… zaps a lot of positive energy from you just by continuously viewing clutter everywhere we looked.” It’s nice to feel like you live in a clean, pretty picture rather than constant chore zone, and organizing can help achieve that vision!

If you feel that getting organized would improve your mental health, but you’re not sure how or where to start, reach out to us here on our website! We help people achieve true peace and satisfaction in their homes by removing one piece of clutter at a time. All you need to do is ask!


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