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Client Story: Navigating Change with a Professional Organizer

Updated: May 28

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For better or worse, life has a way of throwing curve-balls at us when we least expect them. This is where organization really comes in handy: it can grant us a sense of composure and normalcy during periods of change, and it can help take the edge off as we attempt to navigate “the new”.

But sometimes the magnitude of a major life event can overpower any habits or systems we try to maintain. Sometimes we’re simply too stressed or tired or vulnerable to keep up with it all. And sometimes staying organized in the midst of chaos can feel more like a burden than an asset.

If you feel like this is hitting close to home, don’t worry— you’re in the right place. My team and I have helped people across the country find peace and stability during times of stress and disorder. Just ask our friend Jamie from Hartford, CT!

Meet Jamie

Any sane person would consider moving to a new house or starting a family to be a challenging, life-altering experience. It just so happens that my absolute champion of a client Jamie somehow found herself undergoing both at once. “I recently bought a house and had a baby at the same time,” she recalls, “which means I was living out of boxes for longer than I'd like to admit.”

When I first spoke with Jamie, she was caught between a rock and a hard place, trying to simultaneously unpack boxes, work from home, and tend to her newborn child. She was so pressed for time that she defaulted to wearing whatever clothes she could fish out of the bins crowding the corners of her new home. And without the energy or assistance she needed to properly settle in, she recounts, “It was too overwhelming a project for me to even want to start.”

That’s when she reached out to me. “As someone who is used to doing everything myself, it had never really occurred to me to get help,” she smiles. “But thank God I did.”

Getting to Work

There was a number of problems to address in Jamie’s new space, but the most pressing was to finish unpacking. We started by getting as much stuff out of the hallways as possible, clearing her walkways and giving her essentials a proper home. Next, we established order in the nursery and bedrooms before filling her closets and dressers with wearable items— no more bin-fishing! Finally, we set up her home office. We aimed to create a clear boundary between her workspace and her living quarters so she could better separate productivity and domesticity.

Within just a few sessions, Jamie and I transformed her house into a proper home. The order we created gave her the freedom she needed to embrace change rather than fear it: “Now I can breathe in my new house and actually ENJOY it instead of looking around daunted by the amount of work I had to do.” She adds cheerily, “Not to mention I got to spend those hours doing other things, like snuggling my new baby and actually getting work done in my new office!”

We Can Help

Professional organizers are more than just a practical resource for decluttering or optimizing storage. We provide people with the support— physical and emotional— that they need to overcome life’s greatest challenges. We use our expertise to offer clarity and guidance to those who feel lost during the chaos of transition, and in doing so, we empower them to make the most of whatever comes their way.

What we did for Jamie we can do for you or for someone you love. All you need is the courage to ask.


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