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Guest Blog: How to Tackle Your Cluttered Home by Tina Martin

Updated: May 28

Let’s face it, most of us tend to gather more “stuff” than we really need, especially in our crafting rooms. And while there is ample chatter about decluttering these days, finding the time and energy to tackle your piles can be challenging. Here’s how to pare down and get organized, without going to too much trouble - you might even find it’s kinda fun!

Here’s to your health

Many people like the idea of tidying up for its own sake, but on top of that, Psychology Today points out that there are important health benefits from decluttering. Being surrounded by clutter can make you feel bogged down mentally, increasing stress and anxiety. By being more organized, you can also be more productive and efficient, and it’s more than being able to find your keys in the morning. For example, a kitchen that is in good working order functions better for food prep than one that’s piled with dishes and difficult to navigate. And a decluttered crafting room will boost your creativity and make it easier to find the supplies you need for your next big project.

Create a clean slate

Sometimes getting started on a big project is half the battle, and if you have a substantial amount of clutter, the job can feel pretty daunting. As you organize your home, start with your crafting room. Consider sorting through your clutter to get rid of what you no longer need. Then, organize what you have left. For items, you want to keep but aren’t where to store just yet consider moving them to storage. If you’re having trouble getting started, reach out to KMA Organizing for professional in-person organizing and decluttering service.

Next, do a deep cleaning. Clearing away cobwebs, dust, and pet hair can help you feel better about your home, and to make it easier, you can use this cheerful checklist. Next, tackle any stains on your furniture. If the stains are too difficult to remove, you can always hire a furniture cleaning service. When hiring a service, always ask for an up-front estimate and referrals. Also, make sure to check to see if the warranty on your furniture covers the cleaning costs. Once you’ve tackled your crafting room, move on to another room in your home and go through this process, repeating it until you’ve done your entire home.

Piles and productivity

Decluttering can be a contagious activity. Once you get started, not only will you want to revamp the space throughout your home, but other family members just might get inspired to join in the fun. But before all that can happen, choose a decluttering method that will work well with your personality and lifestyle, that way it’ll be easy to keep up long-term.

Many people like sorting things into categories, such as items to discard, things to sell, donations, and items to put away. Another popular idea is to part ways with as many items as the date, so a single item on the first of the month, two on the second, and so on. Pick a method that feels like a good fit, and if someone else in your family has a different take on decluttering, encourage it. You’ll have the whole house uncluttered in no time!

Bye-bye, stuff!

When it comes to saying goodbye to the things you aren’t keeping, there are some great ways to gain even more good feelings from your project. For instance, selling things is a great way to make some spending money. You can have a yard sale, sell your stuff online, or take things to a consignment shop. Donations to charities are also a fabulous way to rehome useful belongings, and you get the bonus of knowing you did a nice thing for someone less fortunate than you. For items you’re ready to discard, consider recycling what you can, or offering them to others through websites like Freecycle. You might be surprised what people need or want, and it keeps your old things out of landfills. As LoveToKnow explains, landfills can corrupt the environment, so by not trashing your discards, you’re doing a nice thing for the earth and for future generations.

Cutting out clutter is good for you, and with some simple, enjoyable strategies, you’ll love the results. Do a deep clean, pick a great method, and choose appropriate outlets for your old stuff. Your crafting room and the rest of your home will not only be more organized, you’ll be happier and healthier!


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