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KMA Moving Services and Tips

Updated: May 28

The end of the summer is a time when many people are relocating. Moving can be a very stressful and overwhelming task. People are often surprised when they find out about the services I offer to de-stress their move. I want to share those services and my top moving and packing tips with you.

  1. Sort and Purge Before Packing- Although moving can be a total pain, it is a great opportunity to evaluate what items are truly important. By assisting you in prioritizing and going through your belongings before you pack, we can really focus on what you’d like to take with you to your next home and let go of any items that are no longer serving you. This will also help you to save time and money. 

  2. Pack in an Orderly Fashion - The sooner you start packing the better. Even if you are hiring movers, it is important to make sure that boxes are labeled with exactly what is inside and the room they will be going to in your new home. I have had clients recently that were moving their belongings to multiple locations. In cases such as this, it is extremely important to ensure that everything is marked with a label stating exactly where it is being moved to or how it will be packed.

  3. Coordinating with the Moving Company - Before moving day, I can lend a hand in researching companies that are available for the time period you are planning to move.  If you cannot be at home when the movers come to pack, I can be there to coordinate with the movers, communicate what the plan is and be present for the packing should any questions or issues arise. For some clients, I also meet the movers at the new house and work with them to unpack and situate boxes and furniture in their designated locations.

  4. Spatial Planning in Your New Home - When moving to a new space it is often hard to visualize how your furniture will fit into your new home. I can help to measure your furniture and your new home to see what makes the best sense where. 

  5. Assist with Unpacking - Setting up a new home in an organized way is the best way to stay organized going forward. If there are systems in place from the start, they are easier to maintain.


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