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Why you need to stop feeling embarrassed about your stuff

Updated: Jan 8

When something doesn’t come naturally to us, our first instinct is to take to Google and research how to do it. It is easy to find a YouTube video or an article nowadays to help with difficult tasks. You can learn step-by-step how to repair a faucet, embroider a shirt, or learn a tricky dance. But when we don’t have the time or energy to do something ourselves, we turn to professionals.

Hiring a professional is still the most effective way to fix something the proper way. Professionals assist you to get peace of mind knowing that the problem is no more.

Need financial advice? You hire a financial advisor. Tax season coming? You check in with your accountant. Showerhead leaking? Bring in a plumber. Stuff everywhere and you can’t walk two feet without bumping into something? You find the nearest professional organizer.

Some people, though, are hesitant to bring in a professional. It means letting a stranger into their home. COVID aside, many are protective of their homes and the stuff they have inside. Professional organizers are different and here’s why.

The top four benefits of hiring a professional organizer

  • Mental health benefits. Are you stressed every time you look at your cluttered island or coffee table? A professional organizer turns your most cluttered spaces into organized bliss. You'll want to stare at the space all day. An organized home equals less stress and anxiety. You’re able to enjoy your home rather than feel trapped in it.

  • Regain a sense of control. Don’t you love looking at before and after pictures on an organizer’s social media or website? One picture shows total chaos while the next one shows total control. An organized home gives you a renewed sense of control. Your stuff no longer has the upper hand. Organizers teach you how.

  • Creating calm. With more control comes more calm. We need to organize and declutter our stuff on occasion. Why? Because a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. Organizing impacts your well-being. It can alter your mindset and set the tone for the day. Check out this post to learn more.

  • Learn value vs possession. An organizer will teach you the difference between value and possession. Too often we buy to own things. What we don’t do as often is buy something because it’ll bring value to our lives. A valued item means we'll use and love it. A possession means we're controlled by that specific item. We may never use it and it'll sit in our home collecting dust.

Even with these amazing benefits, people remain hesitant to hire a professional organizer. Most people are willing to bring in a plumber or an electrician. Plumbing and electrical work are tricky. One wrong move can shut the lights off the whole house. Organizing is no different. But people are less enthusiastic to hire a professional organizer.


Because most people are embarrassed. Over the years they’ve accumulated a lot of stuff and they’re ashamed to invite people over. I’m not talking about hoarders. Let me ask you: Have you ever closed a door to a certain room when you’ve had company over? It could be a bedroom, garage, office, den. It’s the dreaded room or rooms you refuse to let people see.

It’s important to understand that organizing doesn't come naturally to some people.

This isn’t something to be ashamed of. I’m sure your cluttered room didn’t happen overnight. Clutter takes time to build up. It doesn’t mean you’re messy. It means you haven’t learned the best skills to handle it.

And that’s why bringing in a professional organizer is your best option. Believe me, we’ve seen it all. There isn’t much that shocks us anymore. The last thing we’ll do is come in and judge you.

Here’s what you can expect from a professional organizer

Be ready for some tough love

While you shouldn’t expect judgment, you should be prepared for tough love. An organizer’s job is not just to come in and do everything for you. We’re going to want you involved. Some teams come in and take the reins, but your input is essential.

Know that when the organizer gives you some tough love, we’re not trying to belittle you. We want you to understand the difference between keeping things of value and keeping things for the sake of keeping them. It’ll be hard in the beginning, but you’ll get better the longer you and the organizer work together.

Spark creative ideas

You’ve seen an organizer’s social media page and website. You love the way they organized that one person’s closet. It’s the reason you hired them. But yours might be different. We can't always duplicate the exact same project.

When an organizer sees your space, their creative juices start flowing. Yes, we come in with prepared ideas but seeing the physical space can spark a whole new list of ideas. And when you toss in your own ideas, the results can be an amazing system that is unique to you.

Focus on those little tiny details

An organizer is going to look at every nook and cranny you have. You may not think that a small corner of your closet is important, but an organizer sees an opportunity. One of the hardest spots to organize is those little tiny corners. Those areas you don’t think anything could possibly fit. But those are the areas organizers love the most.

You’re going to learn how to amplify every single available space in your home. Even if all that goes there is a plant. A tiny little detail in a corner you never thought about using before can transform a room.

Stay on task

In the ever-connected world we live in, we’re easily distracted. Your phone pings, chimes, and rings, and you’re pulled away from the current task you’re doing. An organizer won’t let you off the hook.

You’ll learn how to stay on task. Organizing is a big undertaking that requires your full attention. Do you need to be focused 24 hours a day? No. But the time you dedicate to your organizer must be their time. Put your phone on silent. Leave it in another room. If you want to take progress pictures, that’s fine, but then put it right back down.


The most important thing an organizer will do is listen to you and your needs. We know not everyone will benefit from the rainbow system. Some people can’t stand visuals like that. Many people prefer a more streamlined system. An alphabetical bookcase or all long-sleeve shirts together.

Be sure to tell the organizer what you like and don’t like. If they try something and it doesn’t work, be honest. We’re there to help you. If the system doesn’t work, you won’t maintain it. So make sure you and your organizer are consistently talking.

Organizing doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people and that’s ok. But you shouldn't spend your life feeling embarrassed and ashamed over your disorganization. Reaching out to see how a professional organizer can help you is a big step. A step that’ll bring you to a more fulfilled and ordered life.

If you’re interested in learning more about the services I offer, contact me today. You can also watch my interview on The Rhode Show to hear my best tips and tricks to get your home organized.


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